Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thespis?
Thespis is a comprehensive list of businesses for actors to explore, rate, keep track of, and provide feedback for its users.
Who can use Thespis?
Everyone interested in pursuing a career as an actor in Los Angeles can create a FREE user profile and start using our site today!
I’m not in Los Angeles, can I still use Thespis?
Yes, you can. However, at this time we are only offering services within the Greater Los Angeles Area. We will be adding more cities over the next few years.
How do I rate a Business I have used?
Thespis’ new innovative rating system has compiled a specific list of traits that our users can allocate to businesses. Our users can determine what three traits best describe the business and choose if the trait is being positively achieved or negatively achieved. These traits determine both the overall rating of the business and are logged in the businesses database. After a set number of users have endorsed the same trait, either for good or bad, the business will adopt the trait as a highlighted icon on their main profile page. This allows our users to scroll through a large number of businesses and at a glance see how the community feels about the business..
Will Thespis make me a movie star?
Thespis gives you the tools to pursue your career. As we grow we will continue to offer more services and opportunities to give you a better chance at succeeding. However, ultimately your success is up to you, but we’ll be rooting for you the whole way!
Where do I apply for auditions?
As of now Thespis does not supply the tools to apply for auditions. As we grow all things are possible!
Why the name "Thespis"?
Thespis was a Greek dramatic poet, he is regarded as the founder of Greek tragedy and the first recorded actor in history. As we grow we believe that Thespis will be the first stop for all actors to begin their career.
How often will you be adding services and updating the site?
We have a team constantly working to improve and evolve Thespis. Every day we are adding new businesses and creating new services. We plan to have noticeable updates on a monthly basis, including new business categories, new services like file transferring, and much more!
How much does Thespis cost?
Thespis is 100% free, just sign up and starting using!
Why did you make Thespis?
Thespis began with a simple idea: Let’s give all actors a fair chance. We believe information is power, so we created a beautiful information hub for you, our users. Our hope is that you will engage with Thespis to help move your career forward and through your progress allow others to learn and grow.
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