Can successful women look for a guy?

Can an effective lady discover a good man? Desire the short answer? It really is certainly. Simply don’t ask the world wide web.

Exactly Why? Because Google seems to have taken a slightly glass-half-empty deal with this question. There’s definitely a lot to learn about them, but there’s a lot of ’10 the explanation why successful women can’t find a beneficial guy’ types and never quite a whole lot of this in fact beneficial stuff. Thus, in a bid to neutralize that, I’m simply likely to say a big, noisy, 500 word ‘YES!’. Of course you’re the kind it doesn’t want to allow any person (including Google) show that which you cannot have, this information is available.

First of all, let us mention the term ‘successful’.

Success indicates something slightly dissimilar to everybody – personally it was purchasing sushi at meal instead of a sub, it was getting into my own flat plus the picking out the esteem at your workplace I would always craved. It don’t mean neck shields, power lunches or a schedule also loaded for really love. Anytime my ‘success’ makes me personally a far more satisfied, calmer and eventually well informed person, then why would which make me personally unattractive to guys?

The answer could it possibly be definitely should never – and didn’t! It may very well be more complicated, but so might be the majority of things really worth thriving at.

The truth is that certainly, you will find men who are threatened by profitable ladies.

But odds are they are not the sort of dudes you’ll find glee with anyway. There’ll often be men like Berger in Intercourse plus the City, just who dumped Carrie when she arrived a far better publication bargain than him. But then there’ll often be the ones who spur you on, encourage you, commemorate your achievements and match your speed as you rise the profession hierarchy.

It’s nine to five, not single for lifetime. 

There’s this unsaid presumption that in the event that you’re a vocation woman you then don’t have enough time for a relationship. But first, exactly why would that be any different for job guys? And subsequently, you don’t have to end up being superwoman to match a relationship into an active schedule. You create it work in the same way you will do with the rest of the things that are very important for you – you will find time. There’s no want to select from becoming successful being a wife, in modern times you’ll be both plus – only ask COO of Facebook (and wife), Sheryl Sandberg.

The ‘how’ is a thing i cannot respond to. Just like achievements, it really is a tiny bit different for all. But eHarmony, I’ll need to acknowledge, is actually a pretty great place to start out – at the very least it’s possible to split the success-loving wheat through the chaff!

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